Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Iconoclast - Fiona Apple & Quentin Tarantino

Two Iconoclasts - Fiona Apple & Quentin Tarantino 

The Sundance series "Iconoclasts" was the first time where I heard, and fell in love with the word "Iconoclast." The meaning it represented within the series of 'Creative Visionaries' talking about the alchemy of their work really spoke to me. 

Fiona Apple brought me to the series, but the word has stuck with my point of view on life and creativity ever since. Quentin Tarantino's words of how film excited him and how he discovered it as a child struck a chord as well as Fiona's story, in examining how performing arts such as dance, creative writing, and creativity in general excited me and moved me as a child as well. 

Watch some really interesting and thought provoking insights into two creative prodigies, and discover where and why my blog "The Current Iconoclast" got its name and importance in my life. 

"Who's they? There's nobody I've given that kind of authority over me to say I can't do anything. I can do anything that I want or that I can achieve. It's up to me. I don't ask permission. I may ask for forgiveness, but I don't ask for permission. There is no they, there is no they. And by saying there is a they, you are creating a they ." Quentin Tarantino on the people that told him for years that he couldn't do something, or that in film. 

This quote resonated with me and is in this part of the episode:

Iconoclast of the day - Fiona Apple - Again...Why? Because I can... It is good, and I share similar thoughts to it.

Expand your mind with Fiona Apple

Iconoclast Lip Color of the Day: MAC - Lady Danger 

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