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Does an Iconoclast Dance?

Does an Iconoclast Dance? 
     Yes, if they want to. I know I loved the way dance made me feel growing up. I started at Belinda's Dance Studio when I was five years of age. I learned tap, jazz, gymnastics, and ballet. When I got around to the age of six or seven I started doing dance competitions around Southern California, and in Laughlin, Nevada for Victor Dru competitions.
     I was an average dancer. Yes, Iconoclast don't always excel in every creative aspect. However we try as many as we are interested in. I was interested in dance from the age of five up till I was about twelve years old. The interest in wanting to dance has never decomposed into something I just did as an activity in the past. I continued to dance around my living room, and in public places such as the market. I would dance down the aisle, if no one was around in my own world and it made me feel really free. It isn't a surprise that once I started going to college, that I would pick up dance again.
    In 2002 I enrolled in a beginning ballet course. I nearly forgotten how demanding ballet is on your body, even more than jazz, tap, or gymnastics. I had fun being committed to the strict uniform and conduct that ballet lends itself to. It was definitely a fun challenge. The following semester I enrolled in a beginning jazz course. I must say jazz dance is my favorite out of all the ones I have learned. The professor made this class so much fun. I was pushed again to perfect the traditional jazz moves, that I had learned when I was a kid, and take it to another level. I also learned how limber my body was again. My professor noticed that and pushed that in me when we stretched etc. Which brings me back to when my ballet teacher as a kid would stretch my leg up and down, while my hand remained on the bar. I always thought that was crazy, that my leg could do that.
    The following semester I took a beginning jazz dance course that focused in African and Caribbean dance. I had never done that type of dance before. Not only did I have to reprogram the muscle memory in my body, but I had just as much of a challenge on my body as I did in ballet. I also had to get used to dancing in bare feet with a live drummer for music. We would have times where we would get into a circle and everyone one at a time would come in the center and randomly bust out moves in front of everyone to a live drum beat. This was very nerve wrecking for me. As much as I don't get too nervous to perform, as I do to give a speech, this felt a little more like a speech to me. However I went through with it, and learned that I could get over those fears.
   During my last Jazz course at the LBCC, I decided to try out for the Dance Concert. I tried out, and I made it in a small group for a lyrical-jazz piece, choreographed by a student dancer. During this time I learned about commitment to learning a dance piece that would be performed for three nights for a paid audience. I learned how to deal with difficult personalities that didn't feel that I should have been there, because I was new. Most importantly I learned about myself and how far that I had come back into dance in a year and a half's time.
    Silent Screams was the name of the dance for the LBCC Dance Concert. I actually never done lyrical-jazz before. I also thought the costumes left me feeling half dressed... A black bra with fishnet tights over as a top, but I learned to go with it. As a dancer you are meant to bring a choreographers vision to life, and this outfit was his vision, so I trusted him on that.
   In 2007 at Cal State Long Beach I took another beginning jazz course. This class was even more challenging as we had to learn how to choreograph our own routines for midterm and finals. During the finals I think I almost could have passed out from fright, which was something I never felt before when dancing. However that didn't make me want to stop from dancing. What has kept me from enjoying dance was the development of herniated disc/chronic pain in late 2007, which hung up my dancing shoes on that level for good. I still dance in burst at my house to this day, but performing arts is no longer a hobby that I can do anymore.
   However I want to credit dance for giving me the feeling of freedom and joy, giving me the ability to memorize quickly, being detailed oriented, being exposed to different kinds of music, giving me confidence, and ultimately landing me in the arts for good. I will always love watching dance, if I can not do it anymore. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

Silent Screams : LBCC Dance Concert 2003

A few photos from when I danced at Belinda's Dance Studio as a child.

My last dance competition with the YMCA Dance Studio in Laughlin, Nevada 
(I am the one who does the front flip at one point)

A bit of my gymnastics class at the YMCA at around 11/12 years old.

Iconoclast of the Day- Alanis Morissette - She can dance!

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