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My Intrigue - Song lyrics I wrote ten to eleven years ago . I was honored someone online recorded and turned it into a song!

     I started writing song lyrics and poems when I was thirteen years old. I started to write , aspiring to write like Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, Jakob Dylan, and Fiona Apple. Over a years time I started to develop my own style of writing. However I held on to my influences, who wrote in a reactionary, honest, played with words, stream of conscious way (Mariah excluded) . 
    I wrote pop song lyrics, R and B song lyrics, and the deeper honest lyrics, however I will never be as great as those I aspire to write like. 
    When I was nineteen or about twenty I wrote this song called "My Intrigue." I shared the lyrics with my Alanis Morissette yahoo group, of which a lot of people would share their poems etc with everyone. I didn't expect anything. Then out of the blue, I got an MP3 back of my song lyrics set to an acoustic guitar and sung by one of the members Dana. She told me that she read it and the song lyrics inspired her to sing it and record it. I was honored. 
    It always shocks me when people ask me to write a set of lyrics for them, or want me to write a song for a contest to put in a Mariah Carey fanbook, because they enjoy how I write. 
It is just mind blowing and touching, because I honestly only write these song lyrics or poems to express myself and get out my feelings. Never in a million years do I ever expect anyone to like them or ask me to write for them. I just don't think my writing is on people's radar. 
  I've written song lyrics, poems, and one screen play in the course of seventeen years of my writing hobby. 

  I now share with you the song that inspired Dana to compose music to, and sing on. This will always be something that I will feel honored by. 

Listen to : My Intrigue (Written by Jennifer Risinger, Composed and Sung by Dana. )
It's a long song, the lyrics are below the video.

It has a angsty mid 90's vibe musically . 

"My Intrigue" 

Through your eyes you see me as a little girl

Through your eyes you see me as vulnerable

Through your eyes you see me as a sex driven kitten

Through your eyes you see a girl that you think you can deceive

Through my eyes I see a man who's got a lot to learn

You better think twice about what perception you have of me 

Cause in the end you won't be so sure of it


And I bet you think you got me figured out 

(But you'll never figure me out)

And I bet you think you got me figured out

(But you'll never figure me out)

And I bet you think you got me figured out

(But you'll never figure me out)

But somehow I twist it all about 

leaving you hanging and wanting my intrigue

my intrigue, my intrigue , my intrigue

Verse 2:

I look at you with such focus

That sometimes I see the dirt spots on your personality

I look at you with such carelessness

Sometimes I forget who you really are

I look at you with such realness

Sometimes I laugh cause your thoughts of beauty are so cute

I end up taken you in again 

Without fail you get me, but I end up getting you back

And oh, running after each other, again, and again, and again

(Chorus repeats)

Verse 3:
Don't get me I am fascinated by you

Don't get me wrong I want your flesh by mine

Don't get me wrong I have all these childish fantasies about you and me

Don't get me wrong I am asking about you

Until you tell me more, I can only keep reserved

...Unless you do 

(Chorus repeats)

Lyrics by : Jennifer R. 2000/2001

Music and Vocals by Dana

Iconoclast of the Day - Alanis Morissette 

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