Monday, October 1, 2012

Be Iconoclastic : About Me

Be Iconoclastic: About Me
This is a photo of myself in one of my most "natural" states. Plugged in to my ipod that shuffles through the many artist of whom I love, and of which generate and send my mind into an observant, and introspective inner monologue. This is where the mind of the Iconoclast dwells. 
Staple Cliche "About Me" Info: I am a thirty year old recent graduate from Cal State Long Beach University. I have a BA degree in Studio Art ; Emphasis in Graphic Design. 

About Me: 
     I am someone who has an insatiable appetite in wanting to understand who I am and who I am not. I am also someone who needs to express myself in various formats. The formats that support my self expression and my creativity are: creative writing, advertising, social media, graphic design, music, dance, and any other outlet that promotes that. 
   I am also someone who as a female believes in the concept of the Alpha Woman. This by no means is my declaration that I am a feminist. I just believe in women being able to be independent, strong minded and willed to do whatever they want within their personal lives and their professional lives. That they aren't under the thumb of a tyrant (if they don't have to be) telling them what their next move is, be it creatively, business wise, and otherwise with their art or own person. This does not mean I can not work under someone, but it means that I will never put myself in a position of where I find myself giving power to another person over my creativity or person for no reason. I always want to be aware, and be my own prototype and this is what a part of what "The Current Iconoclast" means to me. 

  The Current Iconoclast: The Blog   
     Over the course of the journey of The Current Iconoclast , my first blog I will be as unapologetic, transparent, and forthcoming with different tones on my view on life, popular culture, creativity, and everything in between. 
     An iconoclast to me means someone who is a creative visionary who through many different forms of communication, reveals the make up or alchemy of their life, and or work in their respective fields, unapologetically. This is something I strive to be, and I hope you do too! 

Come along with me, and discover your own inner iconoclast, as I discover mine! - Jennifer

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Iconoclast of the Day - Jonathan Barnbrook - Graphic Designer

The video below is an interview on how Barnbrook got into Graphic Design, his approach to design, and his thoughts on the human condition within design. His thoughts on design and what made him want to be a designer and express himself creatively that way, is exactly how I have felt for a very long time, as well.  He is an iconoclast in his own right. 

P.S. The tone of the blog will be serious, introspective, humorous, etc. 

I plan to blog three times a week minimum. If there is something I am loving that needs to be blogged about right away, you better believe it will be done ASAP!

Iconoclast Lip Color of the Day: MAC - Playtime 

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