Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Be Iconoclastic: Send your College Commencement to the President of the United States!

Be Iconoclastic: Send your College Commencement to The President!
The 8 by 10 photo I got from The White House!

On April 15th 2012 I was filling out College Commencement Announcements to all my family and friends, as I was to receive my BA Degree in Studio Art emphasis in Graphic Design in May 2012. 

   I had a few more announcements and thought "Who can I send these to?" I thought "President Obama." I like President Barack Obama. I even would call myself Democratic. I also know the economy is not great right now, but I do know that a lot of the decisions go on below him, so I'm not turned off by him. 

  I knew the President would never attend, nor see the invitation, but I still sent it. I wrote in a genuine yet witty manner, hoping whomever read it would appreciate it. I put it in the envelope, sealed it shut, and put as many patriotic stamps on it as possible. I sent it out, not knowing if I would get anything back from The White House. 

  Surprise! On May 5th 2012 , I received a huge manila envelope from The White House. I was excited and laughed a bit. I knew he hadn't seen it. I knew that his signature was in autopen, but it was still something very cool to receive. 

Below are photos of what I sent, and what I got back from The White House. I thank you President Obama and of course The White House Staff!

My note to President Obama


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