Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Aaliyah - I Can Be (Music Video ... That I made for the song) .... Watch!

Aaliyah - I can be video  **<= Click on  the link to view the video I made**

I made this video for Aaliyah’s I Can Be song, from her last album. Here is the concept for the video: he idea of the beginning of the video was a metaphorical death. Death of herself as an individual in a relationship she wants to be in , but not anymore as the other woman etc. Then her resurrection out of the ground as she knows she will show this guy that she is no longer going to take it … perhaps a rebirth. Then of course it goes through with her at the first half being ok with it but unhappy (the looking to the side and down scenes from WNAR)… Then she slowly gets unhappy and starts to kick ass on the main woman of her man… Eventually ending up hating the man or men (kicking the guys in try again video) and the Akasha scenes of her ripping her mans heart out and eating it… Aaliyah no longer taking ish as she burns down the place and leaves unscathed.

Link incase the above didn't work.

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