Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"I am All the Creative Fishes in the Sea" My Linked In Profile (Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Media, Marketing, PR, Copywriting)

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I am All the Creative Fishes in the Sea :

I am a creative that strives to be as versatile as a recording artist that can jump genres and trends with their voice. Instead of being able to sing anything, I strive to be able to fulfill various creative needs in various creative fields. I am all the creative fishes in the sea!
I believe being able to do design, print advertising, branding, marketing, social media, and advertising copywriting sets me apart from your average run of the mill designer. This creates my identity as a designer, my own prototype that is all of the creative fishes in the sea!
As a creative I get inspired by looking towards other subjects in culture, pop culture, and origins to come up with unique and strong concepts for various creative projects. I also like to inject a sense of humor, a provoking thought, psychology, philosophy, or political statement into my concepts when the assignment allows. I believe a blend of the correct things of which I pull from for inspiration creates a concept more unique than any other method that most creatives use.
I also like to incorporate honest and connection with the target audience of any project, to connect with the consumer on a real down to earth way as well. It has been in my experience that people respond to honesty within the human condition, always. We are all human, we all want to feel seen, heard, loved, and apart of something. It is those places in the human condition that I strive to connect with.
Skill Set: Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 , detail oriented, strong verbal and writing skills.

If you hired me as a creative, I would give you every creative fish in the sea. This is my passion, and this is what I know that would give your company a different edge amongst your competitors.
- Jennifer Risinger

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